Tubeless Tyre Puncture Kit: The Most Important Item to Keep in Your Car


Use of tubeless tyre puncture repair kit
The tubeless tyre puncture kit is a most important car accessory kit that you must have in your car because without this you may get into trouble without any prior information and that too at a place where no garage can be seen nearby. Tyre inflator or the puncture repair kit must always be present in the car when you are on a road trip at least. In this post we will talk about benefits and how to use puncture repair kit for tubeless tyres.

Advantages of Tubeless tyre puncture repair kit
Tires with separate inner tube usually fail because of numerous issues such as friction between inner tube as well as the tire wall and bad fitting of the tire. Instead of this when a tubeless tire gets punctured the air escapes from that particular hole that causes mild deflation.

1. Ready made tyre puncture treatment
Tubeless tyre puncture kit helps in repairing the car tires easily

2. Essential tools for roadside emergencies
This puncture repair kit needs to be placed at the point of puncture.  The best thing about this tire is that the air escapes from only one place so the driver can easily find time to safely control the vehicle in a runway.

3. Easy to carry
The kit is small and thus can be stored easily in the car along the spare wheel.

How to repair a tubeless tire with the help of the puncture repair kit?
Found a nail in your tire, relax and remove that from the tubeless tire of your vehicle. Here we will help you and instruct you how to repair the tubeless tyre puncture in easy steps with the help of the car jack, pliers, lug wrench, knife and the tyre puncture kit.

Step 1: Pull out the Nail
With the help of the car jack first of all remove the wheel and then with the help of the plier remove the nail.

Step 2: Enlarge the hole with the help of the reamer
With the help of reamer present in the puncture repair kit , ream the hole but remember not to do it extraordinarily.

Step 3: Tune the plug
Tuning the plug is important and for tuning you have to insert the plug in the plug tool and completely cover the plug as well as the tip of the plug tool using the rubber cement that you will find in the tubeless tyre puncture kit easily.

Step 4: Insert plug
Now insert the plug tool inside the reamed hole completely.

End Step: Pull out
Last but not the least, pull out the plug tool with force and with the help of the knife cut the remaining plug and let the tire dry for some time.

Now put your wheels back and keep your puncture repair kit safe. You are all set to go for a drive now. In below amazing demo video, creator described the whole process smartly.

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