Shopping Guide To Get The Finest Car Subwoofer For Your Own Car Today!

Shopping Guide To Get The Finest Car Subwoofer For Your Own Car Today!

What is Subwoofer?
A subwoofer or the high velocity speakers are actually a car woofer or a loudspeaker that re-produces the low pitched audio frequency i.e. the BASS. It lightens the car stereo speakers’ load and allows you to play the music flat with the help of the subwoofer enhancing every low frequency. These car subwoofers are available in various shapes and sizes are is the smallest one or the largest one that can consume the complete trunk space.

Types of car subwoofers available in the market in India are as follows:
• Bass Tubes:
Subwoofer enclosed in tube is called Bass Tubes they are small and helps the user in saving the space.

• Powered Subwoofers
Such subwoofer for car is built from where in-line amplifier is powered.

• Standard Subwoofer Speaker

Such car subwoofer is prepared individually for the music enthusiast.

• Passive subwoofer
They are basic car subwoofer powered by an external amplifier for proper functionality.

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Advantages of Car Subwoofer:

1. Creates realistic sound experience
Car audio system comprises of smaller component with respect to the home stereo system so that they can easily be assembled inside the dashboard or the door panels so that they can produce realistic and clear sound effect.

2. Specialized in Bass range
There are car speakers that cannot handle the low frequency in such situation subwoofers act as an ideal component for filtering the bass tones. The subwoofer for car enhances the bass sound and reduces the other demands of the speaker.

3. Offers better performance:
Usually car subwoofer is found in a circular shape that can easily be installed in the car boot area. They provide best sound experience for everybody.

4. Prevents music distortion
Woofer for car prevent music distortion, by handling the low frequency sound and the bass volume for better musical experience.

5. Avoids Speaker Damage
Higher bass volume can damage the small speakers as they cannot handle the high frequency sound. Car subwoofer lowers the low frequency replication and avoids speaker damage.

Buying Tips to choose best Subwoofer for the car

• Power:
Buy the car subwoofer by looking out for the RMS power rating rather than peak power rating. Match the power of the subwoofer of car’s handling capability in comparison to the amp’s power output.

For high output high sensitivity rating is required as they will need less power.

Range of frequency:
It helps you understand the lowest frequency of the car subwoofer.

Type of enclosure:
It helps in understanding the type of sound such as the accuracy and deepness of the sound.

Voice coils:
Look for the dual voice call car subwoofers for more flexibility of the sound system.

Woofer Size:
Size of car woofer must depend upon your requirement and availability of the empty space in the car.

Look for amplifiers that matches well with the car subwoofers on the basis of the power rating and impedance.

Above informative pointers will definitely help you to choose finest car subwoofer for your own car now! Keep reading…

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