Low Cost Tricks To Keep Your Car Windshield Clean

Low Cost Tricks To Keep Your Car Windshield Clean

Cars are our second best investment after a house, thus keeping it up-to-date is our own responsibility. Keeping the windshield clean everyday is not as easy as it seems, but it is essential. The dirty car windshield hampers the vision of the driver that may cause accidents. Below are some tips and techniques for keeping your windshield clean and tidy.

1. Find a good car windshield cleaner
You can use ammonia based cleaner or simple soap water for cleaning the car glasses depending on your choice.

2. Use water to wash the car glass windows
Before adding windshield washer fluid, scrub water in one single direction using a soft brush with light hands so that the dirt and grime loosens their grip easily.

3. Add car windshield cleaner: On the soft microfiber towel, spray cleaner and start cleaning the glass windows properly. If you see some grime remaining then do this again. Instead of microfiber towel you can also use newspaper.

4. Let the windshield dry
Let the windshield dry under shade because the glass dries quickly under the sun leaving residues behind.

5. Well maintained Wiper
Ensure that the fluid of wiper is full and the blades are in good working condition. Replace the blades if it is worn out or 3 years old. Adjust the angle of the windshield and clean wipers with spirit so that the dirt loosens its grip.

6. Treat Car windshield with glass treatment
Once the windshield is dried up the experts usually applies glass treatment so that it can actually resist water and dirt.

You can use these low cost accessories to clean windshield:
Car Windshield Wiper: It helps to keeping your car glass & windshield clean in bad weather
Car Wash Spray Gun:
Clean your car professional at home with same density and cleanness with 8-in-1 Car Wash Spray Gun
Glass Cleaner: Car glasses should be crystal clear for safe viewing try streak-free with 3M Glass Cleaner
Special Car Shampoo: It easily removes tough dirt and grime without effecting the glass

For yours as well as the safety of people around you must keep the windows clean and tidy. For keeping it clean you can use various products such as the windshield washer fluid/cleaners or simple soap and water. Hope you by now realize that safety comes first and for safer journey windshield must be clean. See below video to get real idea. Extend the life of your car with these car maintenance tips.


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