How to Install a Custom Car Sticker like a Pro!

How to Install a Custom Car Sticker like a Pro!

Do you want to use stickers on your car?
Then you are at the right place, in this post I will tell you how you can quickly install the sticker with step by step guide.

Why people use sticker on their cars?
A makeover is needed by everybody and everything to enhance the beauty. Every individual is in love with his/her car and thus they try to customize their car as per their taste. Installing stereo and lightening looks good, but the best way to enhance the look is undoubtedly by installing customized car stickers that not only represents your personality but at the same time give your car a smart look. Custom Car stickers can be anything that comprises of rear window graphics, logos, proverbs or sayings.

car stciker
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How to Install a Custom Car Sticker like a Pro!
To install a custom car sticker you will have to have a right tool with you at your side. Avoid doing things in a hurry be patient take your time and install the decal for a perfect application.

Things that you may need for installing:
Customized car sticker
Cleaning cloth
• Masking tape
• Squeegee
• Knife

How to install custom car stickers

Step 1. Perfect time
The perfect time for applying decals or the custom car sticker is when the temperature is warm and dry.

Step 2. Clean surface
Clean the area where you need to stick the sticker with a soap and water and then dry it using a cleaning cloth so that no lint or dust remains at the surface so that you can avoid the dust to stick on the decal.

Step 3. Tools you need
Keep the required tools with you handy, such as masking tape, knife and squeegee.

Step 4. Placing
Place the decal on the required space and put the masking tape over it so that it can hold on at one place.

Step 5. Masking
With the help of squeegee press the back of the masking tape using overlapping strokes smoothly and slowly completely over the backing.

Step 6. Peel off
Carefully peel off the backing or the masking tape. If by chance the decal lift somewhere from side press it again using the knife and again press its backing again with squeegee slowly and steadily and patiently remove the backing.

Now your custom car sticker is all set. In this post, I explained how I fixed sticker on my own car and I am also sharing good video tutorial that will help you out in understanding the steps that is mentioned above.

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