Get Best & Amazing Honda WRV Accessories [Comprehensive Guide]

Honda WRV: Explore Cool Interior & Amazing Accessories

Here’s what you’ll learn in this post?
• What’s new in Honda WRV
• Highlights of Honda WRV Interior
• About Honda WRV Exterior
• Detailed information about Honda WRV Accessories

Want’s New in Honda WRV
Honda WR V is longer, wider and taller than the hatchback and also gets higher ground clearance to go with its crossover looks. Everyone can enjoy luxurious ride with honda WR V. It has impressive styling features like upright front profile, chrome grille, body cladding and many more. It has a fantastic exterior and superb interior which makes people inspired for honda WR-V.

Honda WR V Interior
Honda WR V is spacious, stylish and comfortable cabin’s design gives you the luxurious drive. Cabin is available in two color- black and silver, black and bluish grey. Honda WRV interior has 7 inch digipad, attractive 3 dials instrument cluster, adaptive cruise control system, keyless entry, push button start/stop, sufficient leg room.

Honda WR V Exterior
Honda WRV has newly styled taillights and masculine appeal that offers standard dimensions suiting perfect class compact crossover standards. It includes roof rails, attractive bonnet, sunroof, two front grilles, alloy wheels, powerful headlamps, fog lamps, attractive and awesome front and rear profile.

Okay…finally, let’s see more about Honda WRV accessories.


Honda WRV accessories offered by company
Honda WRV genuine accessories can be categories as interior, exterior and safety accessories.

Honda WRV Decoration Accessories
Your Honda WRV also deserve accessories to enhance style. You should try cool car decor stuff.

Honda WRV Car Care Accessories
Want to keep your car clear always then you must use car care product to maintain the look of feel of your car.

Honda WRV Interior accessories

  • Steering wheel cover: Steering Wheel cover will not only provide comfort while driving but also saves from sudden steering slips during hot or wet weather conditions.
  • Transparent mat: These mats are easy to use and clean.
  • Armrest: They are easy to fit, comfortable, prevent arm-muscle pains and you can enjoy comfortable driving time.
  • Tan strips with horizontal seat cover: They improve seating comfort and premium image of the interiors.
  • Honda WRV logo projector: This logo makes car emanating charming, draws attention of others.
  • Rear Tray Net: These are not only use for functionality but also enhance the interior of car.

Honda WRV Exterior accessories

  • Mud guard set: They protects car’s corner, paint, avoid impacts, scratches and damage during accident or collision with other vehicle.
  • Step illumination: They gives car attractive look, elegant and gives you wow feeling.
  • Body cover: These covers are of high quality durable cloth, easy to carry, water proof and heat, UV and scratch resistant.
  • Tail gate spoiler: The purpose of spoiler is to alter airflow and generated down force that can improve road holding ability which in turn, creates better grip or traction on the road.
  • Door handle protector: It helps in avoiding dents, dings and scratches at the time of opening and shutting of door.
  • Door Visor: This visor has aerodynamic design that redirects air past your window, keeping rain and airborne debris out of car.
  • Door mirror garnish: These garnishes save the mirror of door from any injury and firm the side of mirror of door.
  • Body side molding: Molding provides contrast to otherwise large surfaces covered in paint. It also protects the vehicle from dents and dings that often occur in the parking lot.

Honda WRV Safety accessories

  • Parking sensors with IRVAM & camera: They makes parking easy, rings warning alarm if any object is too close, protect your vehicle while on the road .
  • Front bumper guard: This high quality guards is a good shock absorber and increases bumper protector.
  • Bumper Protector: It protect from minor bump and knocks and increases life of car.
  • Parking Sensors with Buzzer: Sensors make parking safe and easy, minimize bumper damage, and indicates object distance with different beeping frequencies.
  • Door Edge Garnish: These door edges prevent paint chips from the doors being opened against hard objects, often caused by opening it against wall.
  • Front fender garnish: This honda WRV accessories gives aggressive and unique appearance to the front of the car. It also customize look of your car.

Genuine Honda WRV Accessories Price list
• Sterring Wheel Cover (MRP: Rs 643) • Transparent Mat (MRP: Rs 1579) • Armrest (MRP: Rs 17023) • Tan Strips with Horizontal seat cover (MRP: Rs 7019) • WR-V Logo Projector (MRP: Rs 3743) • Rear Tray Net (MRP: Rs 1696) • Mud Guard Set (MRP: Rs 1520) • Step Illumination (MRP: Rs 5147) • Body Cover (MRP: Rs 1579) • Tail Gate Spoiler (MRP: Rs 8950) • Door Handle Protector (MRP: Rs 4387) • Door Visor (MRP: Rs 2924) • Door Mirror Garnish (MRP: Rs 2222) • Body Side Molding (MRP: Rs 5849)  • Parking Sensors with IRVAM & Camera (MRP: Rs 12752) • Front Bumper Guard (MRP: Rs 7019) • Bumper Protector (MRP: Rs 4094) • Parking Sensors with Buzzer (MRP: Rs 3977) • Door Edge Garnish (MRP: Rs 701) • Front Fender Garnish (MRP: Rs 2749)

* price as on 1 april, 2017, pls refer official website for more details

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