Expensive authorized Car service center or cheaper Local Garage?

Expensive authorized Car service center or cheaper Local Garage?

A car owner is often confused about whether to service their car from an expensive authorized car service center or from a local garage at cheaper rates. It is but obvious that within a year your vehicle will ask for maintenance and servicing for the proper functioning of the car engine, wheels and other accessories. Hope the car service tips that you find here will help in understanding which car service center will be better for you.

Expensive authorized Car service center or cheaper Local Garage?
Just to make the decision easier and appropriate for your car maintenance here is the elaboration for both authorized and local service center’s which will be helpful for you.
Authorized Car service center


• These centers have the experienced, certified and expert mechanics and professionals for every car model and its variants.
• The best part of such centers is that you get the initial car services free, on the purchase of a new automobile.
• During the warranty period free repairs and replacement of parts is provided.
• The rules and regulation of these service centers are strict as they are associated with their respective automobile companies.
• Various services are provided at authorized centers in comparison to a local garage.
• They are reliable.

• They are expensive in comparison to the local garage
• Takes a lot of time that can cause inconvenience.
• The complete information of the repair work is not disclosed completely.
Local Garage
• It is cheaper in comparison to authorized car service center
• Takes less time for servicing and vehicle maintenance.
• You can find mechanics with extraordinary ability of repairing the branded cars.

• There is no official recognition and professionally certified mechanics
• Service and part replacement within warranty is also chargeable
• Not every type of car maintenance service is available here
Anyhow, it is best to get the car checked by the authorized service center to understand the actual problem. Rest depends on your choice of selection amongst both.  With the help of the above list the car owner can now understand, that for their new car’s vehicle maintenance they must opt for the authorized car service center. It is the best option as here they can enjoy free services and replaces the products under warranty, free of cost. Now you can decide which option is good for you! You can post your views in comments below.

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