Custom Car Door Welcome Logo Lights Will Make Your Car More Luxurious

Custom Car Door Welcome Logo Lights Will Make Your Car More Luxurious

Everyone like WOW car door welcome logo lights…!
Car door welcome logo lights make your car emanating charmingly and draws attention of others. It not only gives your car a cool look, but also lets you see the ground under feet clearly at night and reminds others that car door is opening. Car door welcome logo lights are popular exterior accessories.

The best part is…
These are meant to be installed on the bottom of car door. They work as shadow light for cars and one’s car can be high lightened in front of others. When you close the door, the light will be off automatically.

How to make your car more luxurious with custom ghost shadow lights
• Ghost shadow lights make your car more phenomenal, attractive, cool and fashionable. These car led logo lights also give pleasing visual light experience and upgrade the look of your car.

• These auto ghost lights give more brightness, dazzling effect and are eye catching.

• These led door lights gives clear projection picture. You can also include a custom design of your choice.

• Ghost shadow lights are luxurious way to customize your car. Imagine the head turn when you open the door for the ladies and they see the logo badge of your vehicle lit up by high resolution lighting on the ground.

• These car door lights are designed for auto modification fancier, purpose is to bring more driving fun.

Find Logo of your car brand

Another important thing…
You can
easily installation door welcome logo lights in your car

• It’s very easy to install door welcome logo lights or shadow light for cars. They are designed to be direct replacement of your existing puddle or door lights. The logo is their inside the projector.

• It does not require drilling, rewiring, dissembling and does not damage the original car appearance.

• Very simply steps to install:
Step 1: Removing the door panel
Step 2: Drill out correct size hole from projector light
Step 3: Put the lamp into the hole
Step 4: Fixed screws. The positive and negative electrodes connected to door switch
Step 5: Fixed door inner panel

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That’s not all…
Buying tips to get car door welcome logo lights

1. Choose best color
You should opt for brighter color for best projection effect .A variety of logos and designs can be customize according to customers' request which are environment friendly, power saving, durable and have non-fading brilliant beams.

2. Choice of logo
You can choose the logo of your choice. There are four types of car led logo light – welcoming led light, normal car logo light, 3D logo light and 4D logo light. The latest are 4D logo lights. The price of these logo lights depends on one’s choice.

3. Quality of shell
The shell of led lights inside the projector must be of high quality aluminum alloy, appearance should be exquisite, compact and easy to install.

4. Anti-interference function
These led logo lights must not interfere any other electronic device such as car radio when you turn on the lights. They must be water proof as well as dust proof. These car door logo lights must also give clear vision in bad weather.

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