Buying Guide To Find Best Aftermarket Car Stereo In The Next 60 Seconds

Buying Guide To Find Best Aftermarket Car Stereo In The Next 60 Seconds

Searching best aftermarket car stereo with all features?
And it should be low-cost?  Then read this post till end…

Key things you will learn here: 
– Best 5 Car Stereo under INR 5000
– Benefits of aftermarket car stereo
– Buying tips to find best stereo
– Why should you upgrade existing car stereo?
– Car Audio brands

Purchasing a car stereo is a must if your does not have one, or if you are not satisfied with the performance of the stereo you already posses. In the late stage you must always look out for and consider purchasing an aftermarket car stereo or auto stereo that performs way ahead in comparison to the stereo that is already there in the car.

Let’s start the important thing first…

Best 5 Car Stereo under INR 5000

 Sony-DSX-A100U-Best-Selling-Car-stereo-Online-in-India.jpgSony DSX-A100U
Purchased a new car installed it with sony DSX-A100U; Sony car music system. It has USB and AUX inputs that make it easy for you to connect it to your personal music devices. The device has mono amplifier, contrast LCD screen that provides wide viewing angle. It comes with anti-shock protection, durability, and longevity.

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Blaupunkt Tokyo 110-USB

Blaupunkt brings your car auto stereo which allows you to listen nonstop music through radio station through RDS tuner and via USB or SD card and also plays music stored in MP3 or WMA format. This system comes with built- in equalizer, display screen, pre amplifier and remote control for easy and convenient operation and thus increases aesthetic value of your dashboard. 

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Pioneer-DEH-X1990UB-USB--Best-Selling-Car-stereo-Online-in-IndiaPIONEER DEH-X1990UB
This pioneer car music system is featured with advance sound retriever which improves sound quality by enhancing high frequencies. Pioneer car audio device has connectivity with your smart phone through advance remote control app which allows you to access various music sources. Thus your smartphone acts as remote control of head unit. Simultaneously you can charge your phone It has CD, USB, AUX, radio as secondary music sources.

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 JVC-KD-X130-Best-Selling-Car-stereo-Online-in-India.jpgJVC KD-X130
JVC car stereo is characterized by direct connectivity of subwoofers, digital media receiver with front USB/ Aux input, android audio mode and auto mode. Tuner in digital processing, media playback, steering remote ready, charging port, removable face panel, parametric 3-band EQ are features of this auto car stereo. 

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sony-xplod-cdx-g1150u-Best-Selling-Car-stereo-Online-in-India.jpgSony xplod cdx-g1150u
Want the best car audio experience, upgrade car with this audio device. The media system comes with USB and AUX connectivity and supports radio, MP3, WMA formats; 4cm LCD display screen, steering wheel controls and remote control. It comes with mega bass button, 2 pre-out (rear + sub switchable). IT has easy connection of subwoofer, steering remote input ready, equalize with digital clarity tuner which makes your driving pleasant.

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Car Audio brands

There are various brands such as blaupunk, boss jvc, kenwood , pioneer ,sony, jvc, jbl car music system. These entire brands provides best car stereo but it depends on yours requirements what you needs such as audio performance, playback options, smartphone integration, display features etc. Some brands gives double din car stereo while other single din. There are various car stereo stores and car stereo online india which has numerous brands and offer great quality and excellent sound. Although choice is personal thing while brands stand out to give best features.


What is Car Stereo?

Driving without entertainment or music makes your journey tedious, so why not to have upgraded car stereo in your dashboard which will give you a grasp on the basics of today’s multifaceted infotainment and magnifies interior of your car. Car stereo comes with many advance features such as bluetooth, remote control, touch screen operation etc. When we say aftermarket car stereo we mean, a stereo or audio system in the car that is purchased and installed after purchasing the car.

Why you need an Aftermarket car stereo?

We, need an aftermarket car stereo or car audio system to relax while driving the car. How may also need this for upgrading the stereo head unit already present in your car so that you can actually integrate music streaming or most essentially Bluetooth calling. You may also need an auto stereo if you have purchased a used car.  (Also read: How to get best car FM transmitter

10 Buying Tips to find best aftermarket car stereo in the next 60 seconds

1. Understand your car
Yes, this is important. You must know your car well before purchasing any audio stereo. The car stereo is installed at the core of the stereo system. Every year new inventions take place and new technologies hit the market. So, it is important to ask yourself some questions before your car stereo online purchase.
• What type of car stereo system fits well with your car?
• What is more important keeping up with the budget or keeping up with the quality?
• What all you need in your car stereo?

2. Determine the subset of car
Car stereo varies so you must be aware about the subset. There are two types of head unit available in the market
• Single DIN car stereo system
• Double DIN car stereo system

Never upgrade the non standard head unit because it will be a waste of time and money. (Also read: Shopping Guide of Car Subwoofer)

3. Budget matters
Understand how much you can spend on the car audio or car stereo system. What is important for you; maintaining your budget or quality of the auto stereo.While searching for the car stereo you must always consider the below things:
• Sound quality of the stereo system
• Easy to Use: the system should be easy to use and great in quality.

4. Features first 
You must purchase the car stereo system that comprises of HD radio, Internet radio, Satellite radio, CD player, MP3 player, iPod player, Bluetooth, App control, GPS navigation, internal storage space, USB jack or SD card slot.

5. Search for a car stereo online
Online you can get various options from major brands like Blaupunkt, Pioneer, Sony etc for your car stereo with specifications that will help you understand what is in store for you. Get India’ best selling car stereo online here

6. Can try local market
Then on any weekday, go to the car stereo store where you can find the stereos that you have shortlisted online.

7. Smartphone integration
Make your drive more exciting and enjoyable by connecting smartphone with car stereo which gives you great way to listen to music, audiobooks and podcasts while driving. Integration can also be done by auxiliary in, USB etc. These systems usually work through an in-dash touch screen and include navigation, phone calls, and messaging.

8.  Advance Display
Car stereo when featured with touch screen and easy to read display by which all are familiar along with advance playback and audio features connectivity so it becomes easy to operate and watch screen for others also who are sitting in car.

9. Bluetooth is important: Car music system with bluetooth and navigation helps users to connect via smartphone and this built- in technology is also beneficial for hands free talking and audio streaming.

10. Easy control on tone and settings
Car stereo must have easier setting and control on tone which may not let your hands move off wheels and minimize distractions while driving; thus car stereo systems with intuitive controls will be easier and safer to use.

Car stereo components

Car audio system reflects the latest in digital audio technology but basic components that make car stereo systems are:

  • Head unit
    It controls entire system and generates audio signal. Quality car stereo head units give most control over your music including, how crisp, deep or loud it sounds etc. There are two types of head units: single-DIN and double-DIN. If your car’s dash has a double din car stereo, you can fit both single-DIN and double-DIN and if it is single din you can only fit a single-DIN receiver.
  • Amplifier
    Want to listen music without any disturbance, pump up car audio system with amplifier which increases strength of audio signal and thus improves sound clarity.
  • Speakers
    Speakers reproduce sounds, car audio system without speaker makes you’re hear only bustle of traffic. They produce clear sound and prevent excessive vibrations and movement error.
  • Sub-woofers
    They enrich low frequency with powerful bass sound that adds body to pioneer car audio. Music makes a large difference with subwoofers.

Why should you upgrade your car stereo?

  • If you are music lover and need extra bass, you must have to upgrade car stereo as good low bass is necessity for a great audio system .It can be done by not changing your auto stereo but by adding subwoofers.
  • Driving without entertainment is boredom so to enjoy your journey; you must have to car stereo. Car stereo online can be searched to get better reviews before upgrading.
  • If you want to improve sound quality, today’s OEM audio systems are so integrated into a vehicle’s electronics that it’s better to upgrade the system than replace it.(Also read: How Select Right Car Amplifiers for Classy Sound)

Remember upgrading the stereo also depends upon head unit. If you have a double DIN car stereo head unit, then you can use both single or double din whereas if the head unit is single Din then you can only install Single Din receivers. Installation of car audio system depends, you can either do it by yourself or can take assistance from professional in installation.

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