Budget Friendly Guide: 5 Best Car GPS Navigation Systems For India

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This “comprehensive guide” has everything you need to get best Car GPS navigation.

Car GPS…driving godfather on roads?

How Car GPS beat Smartphone maps…
So if you want to buy GPS navigation for your car then you’re in the right place.

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What all you will learn here:
What is Car GPS?
5 Budget friendly Car GPS
• Best Car GPS Navigation Buying tips
• How car navigation devices work?
• Car GPS is better than smartphone maps?
• Myth about car GPS
• Why Every Car Driver Should Use GPS?


First of all….what is car GPS ?
Car GPS Navigation System is very important for every individual for the Indian roads and routes. We know truly well that GPS is very important when you live in a metro city. And here we provide you with answers from the research that we have done on how to buy the best GPS navigation system for your car. But, before that it is important to know what GPS is and how it helps you while you are driving. GPS is a device that calculates the geographical location with complete accuracy by receiving the information from the satellites. They provide you information regarding the proper route to your desired destination.

New Technology comes up with new features and we have come up here with best, budget friendly and best selling GPS systems for you here.

Budget Friendly Guide: 5 Best Car GPS Navigation Systems For India  (Below ₹10,000)

Here we have tried our level best to highlight the best GPS navigation system for the car. Now it is you who have to choose the best amongst the rest car GPS be it mapmy India GPS, Garmin GPS or tom-tom GPS.


#1: MapmyIndia LX140WS
Best in class 10.9cm screen GPS navigation with preloaded MapmyIndia maps, all India street level offline maps, free lifetime maps. Voice guided navigation in local languages and perfect entertainment device.

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#2: TOMTOM Start-20
Enjoy smooth navigation across 7300 cities and towns in India with 11 cm touchscreen for optimum driving view.  Very useful in travelling with spoken street names, 2D City Maps, fast route planning and over speeding alerts.

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#3: Garmin Nuvi 55LM GPS Navigation System
12.7 cm display easy-to-use dedicated GPS navigator. Preloaded detailed maps of India with free lifetime updates, ease house search, eco route, advanced highway mode and travel guide. Does not rely on cellular signals so not unaffected by cellular dead zones.

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#4: MapmyIndia LX440
Get everything you want right into your palm with help of 10.9cm LCD touchscreen portable navigation device. Connects quickly and stays connected for complete navigation across India.  Voice guidance available in multiple regional languages.

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Garmin nuvi 42 LM Street Navigator-Best-Selling-Car-Chargers-Online-in-India.jpg
#5: Garmin nuvi 42 LM Street Navigator
Dependable, bright 10.9cm display, spoken turn-by-turn directions navigation system. Innovative features like 7.3 millions points of interests, lane assist with junction view indicates the proper lane, spoken street names in Indian accent.

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Guide for Buying the Best Car GPS Navigation System

Above we have highlighted best and budget friendly car GPS systems for your. When you are out or are browsing internet to purchase the GPS navigation system online you must look for some of the features that truly matter while purchasing them.

Top 5 things to know before buying a car GPS system for your car: Let’s have a look:

  • Screen Size matter
    Size of the GPS navigation screen matters a lot. You may have your own choice regards to the screen size, thus; you must select the one that is not only compatible with the car, but at the same time help you in easily deciphering the maps. Tiny maps are very hard to read and understand. So, it is advised to buy built-in infotainment system that comprises of the larger screen size. Size does matter, thus you must opt for the one that fulfills your requirement.
  • Is device portable?
    People prefer a portable system instead of in-build one, when they have a habit of frequent travelling and they need to attach them to other vehicles. Depending on the requirement you must purchase the navigation system, be it portable or inbuilt one.
  • Voice guided navigation
    You must find out whether the system you are looking for has a GPS receiver that is able to take voice input about the desired destination and search automatically for that particular place of interest gives instructions vocally so that you can keep your focus on the road rather than on the screen.
  • Bluetooth and Handsfree
    Better features in GPS navigation is always welcome. You can adapt the navigation system with Bluetooth as well as hands-free feature that allow you to pick calls while driving without taking away your attention off from the road.
  • Regional language Support
    Buying gps system for car in india consideration of regional language support for non – English speaking area is must. Gps in car must always have voice guidance in english and other regional languages.
  • Local/regional Map
    GPS device for must have availability of regional or local maps which is easier for the people to travel in remote areas .Car gps guide must have lifetime map updates system which refreshes database.
  • Simple function for non-techie users
    Before purchasing GPS for car in India, it must be such that non techie users can easily use them as they may face difficulties in complicated GPS system for car.
  • Other features
    The navigation system you opt must be easy to use and provide you with genuine results that are accurate. There are some interfaces that are much more intuitive that other GPS system. Not only this is they have more advanced features than it is a perfect choice for your car.


How car navigation devices work

Car gps navigation system receive signals from satellites and identify the vehicle’s position and direction by combining that data with information obtained from various onboard sensors. The information received from antenna and sensors against the map database, shows results on display using car navigation system.

How car GPS is better than smartphone maps

  • GPS is more accurate
    Gps in car guide gives the exact location of particular area. Car navigation system india also works in those area where there is no cell coverage.
  • No Data Connection Required
    GPS system for car does not required any data connection as it has in- built map database system which updates when new routes are added.
  • Windshield mounts for better usability
    GPS are windshield mounted for better usability which provides optimal viewing for turn-by-turn in-car directions and is safer. It also has big screen which is readable and gives clear visibility on screen even if sound is off.
  • Live Traffic and Other Features
    Car gps guide shows you about live traffic and also guides you to divert path to reach your destination soon.
  • Don’t affect phone’s data plan and battery
    GPS device for car doesn’t affect data plan and battery of your phone so you can navigate as much you want for free.
  • Tougher and longer lasting
    Navigation systems are long lasting and tougher as they are mounted and no need to hold them in hand like smartphones. No interrupt your maps: During trip gps does not interrupt your maps as compare to smartphone which allow receiving calls which may interrupt navigation information.


Myth about car GPS

  • Myth #1: We don’t need car GPS
    Travelling for remote unknown area for first time, don’t depends on driver’s discretion either if he know right direction or not; in such places car GPS is most needed as it suggest best and accurate routes/live traffic .
  • Myth #2: Car GPS are expensive
    GPS system for car in India can be affordable by any car owner as it saves our time to reach destination and is very beneficial.
  • Myth #3: Use and installation of car GPS is complicated
    Don’t be get afraid of rumors of installation of car navigation system india as gps can be easily install and you can use it like mobile phone.

Best Car GPS system Brands

Before purchasing GPS device for car, above mentioned things should be kept in mind. For Indian car owners, there are many brands such as Mapmyindia, Garmin GPS, Tom Tom GPS etc are available in attractive price tag. Big touchscreen, database upgradation, connectivity with phone etc., things should be remembered.

Why Every Car Driver Should Use GPS?

Driving a car is fun, but when stuck in a place that seems to be unfamiliar and secluded can actually frighten you up. In such situation only one thing that helps you is the GPS tracking device installed in your car or mobile device. This tracking device uses GPS i.e. Global Positioning System that provides the exact location of the person or objects attached to it. Earlier people use to think that this device only works as the navigator, but in reality it has more to offer. Information from the GPS is initially stored in the GPS tracking Unit and then it is later on transmitted into the database. Once it is done the location is displayed on the map. It has become a necessity for every car driver and individual owing a car. This device alerts when your car needs servicing and also for tracking the fuel consumption so that it can notify when the car is using the fuel in excess.

Why is car GPS important for any vehicle?
The GPS system is the best medium through which you can reach to any location on time, even when you don’t know the exact route to be taken. It guides the driver to the particular location with ease without wasting the time that is why is most common car accessories in Indian drivers especially metro cities. If you install a GPS navigation system in your car, then you can efficiently rule the road and avoid getting into traffic every now and then.

Other than this there are some major advantages of using Global Positioning System as a navigator which are as follows:

Minimizes carbon footprints
The GPS tracking device helps in avoiding the traffic jams and saving fuel by providing alternate routes to the set destination. It keeps the vehicle up-to-date and reduces your carbon footprints.

Keeps you away from Parking Issues
GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking device saves your time by helping you locate the perfect parking space and it also helps in finding your car in the parking space that too without any difficulty.

Best safety measure for your car
A car with GPS installed can be located easily if stolen. Some of the GPS software is developed to sync perfectly with the mobile GPS apps and they send an alert on your Smartphone whenever something malicious is going on in the car.

Simple and Easy Navigation
Navigation facility provided by GPS helps the car driver in determining their exact location and provides display image showing the exact latitudes and longitudes.

Get information about nearby area
The Global Positioning system provides assistance while searching for particular services in the nearby locality.

Car GPS tracker is very important for anybody who prefer driving their own car for long distances and not only this they are the GPS navigation system that make our ride more comfortable, convenient and entertaining as well. Now don’t wait and make your decision. So, now get the GPS vehicle tracking device for your car immediately from the online car accessories store.

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