Bang with Maruti CIAZ Interior & Ciaz accessories

maruti ciaz

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz is very important for Maruti in India, not only because they wish to sell this mid-Sizer as profoundly as the other cars of Maruti; but also because they wish to higher their image in this segment as well. In this article we talk about Ciaz features and Ciaz accessories.

Bang with Maruti CIAZ Interior & Ciaz accessories
The company has given its 100% in styling and enhancing this car so that they could win the confidence of the customers and car crazy people. Here I will provide you details so that you can evaluate and tell whether they can actually make a difference in the car market. The design of CIAZ represents extreme practicality rather than style, but it does not mean that it is boring. The design is way better than SX4.  The car is extremely spacious, fuel efficient and above all it is well equipped as well. Maruti Suzuki has introduced CIAZ in petrol as well as diesel version.

Aftermarket Ciaz Accessories
You can also try ciaz car accessories for decoration, style and safety of your new Maruti Ciaz, just check it out:

• Stripe Car Body Cover for Maruti Ciaz

• Leather Car Seat Cover

• Car Mat For Maruti Ciaz

• Ciaz Chrome Accessories

Other car accessories:
• Daytime Running Lens Led Light
• Stainless Steel Scuff Foot Steps
• White Shark Fin Replacement Signal Receiver
• Ciaz Interior Styling Kit
• Blind Spot Rear Side Mirror
• Exhaust Tube in Tube Silencer Muffler Tip

The features of this car can be described in 4 parts:
• Design: 
Undoubtedly, this is a large car that has taken some inspiration from Verna as well as Honda City. 16” wheels complement the entire structure and size of the car. Most surprising this car is the lightest in its segment.
• Interiors: The cabin space of Maruti Suzuki CIAZ is mind-blowing. Its dual tone coloring scheme gives this car an elegant and classy look. On each side of the door, bottle holders are there for the passengers’ comfort. The boot of 500ltr is also provided for the customers comfort.
• Performance: Maruti Suzuli Ciaz is all dedicated towards maximizing the fuel efficiency and improving the faults that were seen in earlier sedans. Length of the air inlet track is increased to make improvement in the low end torque.
• Handling: You will be impressed by the performance of this car while driving on the patched roads. This car is undoubtedly safe, and the big tyres provide fabulous grip on the road.
• Fuel economy: Maruti is always known best for its fuel economy and Maruti Suzuki Ciaz is no different from this. Fuel efficiency for petrol is 20.73 and diesel’s is 26.21.
• Alloy Wheel: Ciaz Alloy Wheels are 16 inches large with subtle wheel arches at the side gives unique and sporty look to his sedan!

Not only the feature that attracts you, the accessories that it provides are also worth every penny.
Some of the ciaz car accessories that are provided by CIAZ listed below. Check out ciaz accessories brochure for complete ciaz accessories list:
– Infotainment system:
 CIAZ offers 7” infotainment display system that offers Radio and CD’s player along with USB, AUX, media card connectivity, tablet/iPod connectivity. It also offers access the navigation system, Bluetooth, rear view camera and Smartphone connectivity.
– Automatic Climate controls: In the top most CIAZ variant they even provide automatic climate control that keeps the temperature of the cabin comfortable without adjusting it manually.
– Steering wheel mounted audio controls: Comfort while driving is very import and this CIAZ truly understands. The Steering wheel mounted audio controls in this sedan provides comfort while driving.
– Reverse parking sensors: It provides assistance while parking so that you as well as your car remain safe from crashing.
– ABS: For the complete safety of the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz ABS is installed. It improves the control and avoids skidding.
– Push start/stop button: Push start button is for the driver comfort.

On the basis of fuel efficiency, diesel version is much better than the petrol version. It can win easily over other mid range sedans because of its best wheelbase and mileage. Maruti Suzuki hence has at last come up with a stronger competition that too at unbelievable prices.

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