7 Ways to Prevent Traffic Jam In India


Traffic Jam!! It is the most horrific thing that you experience when you are in a hurry to reach your destination. In India there are millions of vehicles and most of them occupy the roads during morning and evening hours. Below you will find 7 preventions from road traffic and some mind-blowing tools that will help in avoiding traffic.

1. Find alternate routes to your destination
It is better to know an alternate route because it can help you in avoiding the heavy traffic. You can find out an alternate way with the help of people who usually follow the same route.
alternate route

2. Ask your employer to shift timing
Shifting time from the regular office hour to half an hour later can actually make a lot of difference. The shift in time may save both fuel and time.

3. Listen to the traffic update
Before leaving for your destination take a little time and get updated about the traffic using radio, news or internet. While driving listen to the live
traffic updates using radio.

traffic update
4. GPS navigation tools
A GPS device that provides live traffic updates. This is easy to use and provides you with clear voice narration so that you can concentrate on the road rather than on the device.

5. Concentrate on the road and Plan ahead
This will help you in making a quick decision and you will be well prepared for what you must do for avoiding it.

6. Avoid using Cars
If you can avoid cars avoid it as it is better for your environment, Instead of cars you can opt for public transport, metros and motorbikes. People who are health conscious may even think of cycling their way.

7. Don’t wait to see the accident scenes
Don’t be a spoil sport and keep on moving so that the already blocked road comes to a standstill because of you.

Traffic tracking tool
There are some tools to track the road traffic such as:

Google Map
This app provides the real-time traffic condition along with traffic updates

This new public transport App is helpful in finding out the quickest route along with traffic updates.


This app provides you updates about the traffic along with the information about an alternate route or car parking.

All these above apps are important for saving your precious time and fuel expenses. Some movements such as car free day is also doing their bit in controlling the traffic jams and reducing the air pollution that has become nastier with time. Hope such things prevail forever.

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