16 Essential Swift Dzire Accessories You Must Have

Desirable Swift Dzire Interior Accessories

In this post, we will discuss about Swift Dzire Interior and Essential Swift Dzire Accessories

Desirable Swift Dzire Interior
The interiors of this car are also very desirable. Here I will help you know about the accessories that make the swift DZire interiors desirable. The interior is completely black now, which was white earlier.
• Engine Push start-stop: In Swift DZire the first thing that you will notice is the Engine push start-stop button. They boast of the keyless entry.  This button makes starting and stopping the engine easy and comfortable. Just like swift the Swift DZire facelift 2015 also comprises of start-stop engine button.
• Control instrumental panel: The control instrumental panel is lovely and informative
• Control for alarm, fog, lamp, headlight adjustments
Comprises of controls that helps in making headlight adjustments and controls the fog, lamp and alarm
• Bluetooth enables audio system: Now stereo can be connected with the Bluetooth so that you can listen to your favourite song anything anywhere.  The Bluetooth enables audio system also has controls mounted on the steering wheel so that accepting as well as ending the calls becomes easier while driving.
• Map lamps for two: For reading two map lamps are provided for better comfort
• Spacious dashboard: The dashboard provided here is very spacious you can keep your things conveniently here.
• Airbags: Safety is very important thus the airbags are provided for the driver seat and the passenger seat next to the driver.
Rear 3-point seat belt and center 2 point: Rear 3-point seat belt and center 2 point seat belts are a great step towards safety.
• Car door child lock: Child lock is very important if the kids are naughty and for their safety Swift DZire interiors have also accommodated the child locks for better safety.

16 Essential Swift Dzire Accessories You Must Have:
1. Car Body Cover for Maruti Swift Dzire
Body covers are essential swift dzire accessories. This body cover should be of high quality durable cloth, machine washable, easy carry able, water proof, heat resistant, UV resistant and scratch resistant.
Car Body Cover for Maruti Swift Dzire
2. Car Seat Cover for Maruti Swift Dzire

Seat covers increases the life of seats. They are designed to repel dirt and stains and if get dirty can easily be removed, machine washed and reinstalled.
Car Seat Cover for Maruti Swift Dzire

3. 3D Car Floor Mat for Maruti Swift Dzire

3D floor mats provides total protection all around floor liners. They protect your car’s carpets from water, snow, muck, and other messy things.
3D Car Floor Mat for Maruti Swift Dzire

4. Side Window Sun Shade Mesh Curtain

Sun shades are essential swift accessories as they blocks UV sunrays, stops heat and keeps car cool. They get easily stick to your car window door edges and also provide complete privacy.

5. Car Care Products
Maintenance and cleaning of car is utmost importance for its long life which can be done by care products. It includes car wash shampoo, tyre dresser, dashboard dresser, liquid wax and microfiber cloth. Get Car Care Products about Dzire

6. Silicone Key Cover for Suzuki
Silicone key covers are crucial swift accessories which fit in perfectly on the key. Key cover is made of soft and safe silicone material, light and convenient, keeps car key from being scratched or damaged, and safeguards your key buttons from damage, unbreakable and durable.

7. Steering Cover for Swift
Steering cover is such swift dzire accessories which will not only provide comfort while driving but will also saves from sudden steering slips during hot or wet weather conditions. They enhances interior look of car.
Steering Cover for Swift

8. Hanging Perfume
Hanging perfumes having natural fragrance must be used which revitalizes your mood and eliminates odor.

9. Chrome Car Bumper Protector Guard Molding
Bumper protection guards are made of high quality vinyl which protects bumper corner, paint, avoid impacts and scratches on the car.
Other Popular Accessories

10. Door Guard for Car
Door guard for car helps in avoiding dents, dings and scratches at the time of opening and shutting of door, during parking and when there is another vehicle or wall near your car. Get more about door guard.

11. Stylish VIP antenna
Antenna are used for decorative and stylish purpose. They are easy to fit and do not require any cutting or welding. Antennae enrich looks of your car with its trendy vip look. Get more info

12. Rear Stainless Steel Crash Guard Swift Dzire
These swift dzire accessories are mandatory requirement of car as they save the bumper from scratches and damage during accident or collision with other vehicle. Thus, increases resale value of car.
13. Tyre LED light

These lights make car emanating charmingly and draws attention of others. It not only gives your car cool look, but also helps to see at night or during bad weather visibility. They are waterproof, install easily and do not require battery connection. Get more info

14. Car Windshield Sunshade
They are convenient to use, foldable, required less space, made of metallic polyester material. It safeguards your car as they blocks damaging UV rays and keeps car cool. Get more info

15. Armrest for Maruti Swift Dzire
These swift dzire accessories are made of solid plastic with cushion. It is easy to fit, comfortable, prevent arm-muscle pains and you can enjoy comfortable driving time.
dzire Armrest for Maruti Swift Dzire_online india

16. Side Beading Matt for Dzire
These matts add beauty to the overall look of your car. They are convenient to install and save car from scratches, dings and dents. Get more info


Car accessories are integral part of car and enhances car’s look. These swift accessories improve car’s ability, assurance and maintenance process. You require different accessories for different purposes. These maruti genuine accessories give you pride and driving pleasure.

Maruti’s most popular car till date is swift. This car is loved for its fantabulous look, performance, interiors, engine and equipments. The great looks. Performance, coziness and mind-blowing Swift Dzire interior actually is enough to woo you and moreover it may also compel you to try your hands on it. Swift DZire is the refreshed version of swift that looks much better and also reduces the boot space. This auto machine is frugal, but at the same time has a dominant power plant that is offered along with the set of safety features. The swift facelift 2015 proposes for the new and improved interiors.

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